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No.1 among the tourist resources of the region, the best regional portal of Russia - 2016, 2017, 2018

The Tourist portal of the Vladimir region Tourism33 was created from scratch in 2015. Over the four years of its existence, the portal has become the main information resource on the tourism opportunities of the region. Site traffic is more than 25,000 visitors per month.

Our projects
Tourist portal of the Vladimir region Tourism33
Informational portal

Regional tourist portal about cities, sights, museums, famous people, crafts and trades of the Vladimir region. The base of tours and tourist facilities of the region (hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc.) is presented. The portal is integrated with social networks, including Instagram, widely uses user-generated content (photos, videos). The Tourism33 portal is the winner of the Best Tourist Portal contests in 2016, 2017 and 2018 in the nomination Best Regional Portal.

Question and answer service for schoolchildren Reshator
Electronic service

Programming an interesting project for schoolchildren. This service has two main functions. Firstly, it contains a database of solutions to the tasks presented in different textbooks. Secondly, it involves schoolchildren in helping each other. The site offers the opportunity to ask any question from the school program to other service participants, as well as receive points for their answers to assignments in subjects. The site has a competitive principle: participants receive points and claim high places in the ranking of experts. A sophisticated filter system for classes, subjects and textbooks was developed.  

Online store of printing products "Proff Print"
Online store

Continuous development of the online printing store for 6 years. During this time, the functional of the store was updated and refined. The product catalog has up to 3 nesting levels. The difficulty lies in the fact that part of the product, in fact, is a service. The product page has bookmarks for the convenience of perceiving product information, each product has bundles with other similar products. A feature of the store is the dependence of the price on the purchased quantity of goods. The site contains many information sections – articles, questions and answers, portfolio of works and others. The online store is integrated with the retailCRM system.

Online store of building materials Masterok
Online store

Creation and development of an online store of building materials in Balashikha. Initially, it was exclusively an information site for the building materials market, what, incidentally, reminds the 3D model of the market pavilions on the main page. The next step was the launch of a catalog of goods with the possibility of online ordering. The site was integrated with the warehouse accounting system "My warehouse". Currently, the implementation of the basket is unusual: separate orders are issued for goods from different product groups due to the fact that the suppliers of these goods are different legal entities.

Online bicycles and spare parts store Teammano
Online store

Continuous development and technical support of the online store for several years.  In 2019, the project was redesigned, the search system, as well as filters and modifications in the catalog were finalized.

Designer clothing online store 19.04
Fashion brand

Creation of an image site for a brand of designer clothes 19.04 with the possibility of online order. The site contains both elements of a promotional site (video, lookbooks), and a full-fledged clothing catalog with the ability to purchase and pay for clothes online. The function of choosing clothes of the right size (through modification of goods), as well as a discount system, has been implemented. The project is adapted for mobile devices.

We design and implement IT solutions
 in small and medium-sized businesses
HostCMS dealer

The "Original" company is a dealer in the sale of Hostcms content management system and an expert in the development of Internet projects on this system (work experience over 10 years).

Website development

Development of information sites and portals, online stores, services, social Internet projects. Integration with third-party services: accounting systems, CRM, acquiring, delivery services, etc. Adaptation for mobile devices.

Project management

Development of the concept of an Internet project (structure, business logic of work). Determining the portrait of the target audience. Distribution of work between specialists. Determination of budgets and stages of work.

Consulting, audit

Consulting at all stages of website development. Recommendations to customers on existing and new sites. Quick and detailed audit of online resources.

Website promotion

SEO-optimization of sites for promotion in search systems Yandex, Google. Setting Yandex direct. Connecting Yandex market and other services.


Promotion of goods and services on social networks Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook. Promotion of groups, targeted advertising.

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